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I frequent Outback 3 or more times per week. Today I had a full order of Ahi Tuna and yesterday as well. I was severely disappointed both yesterday and today at the PORTION and QUALITY.....I bet not even 3 ounces and looked like a week or so old.

I even questioned the bartender who didn't seem to care.

Even MORE disappointing was that I immediately went to your website and 8 different times.....8 DIFFERENT TIMES, I tried to fill out a complaint form and each and EVERY time, I got KICKED OFF the form with an ERROR saying "OOPS, something must have gone wrong" !! WOW !!!

In my severe aggravation, I immediately looked up the corporate phone number to then CALL and express my DISAPPOINTMENT and 3 times, got DISCONNECTED !!!

UNREAL how disappointing this has been !!! I'm pissed at the ENTIRE EXPERIENCE yet even complaining got AGGRAVATING !!!

Please FIX the portion on your AHI tuna and ensure it is FRESH and that if a customer ASKS ....."is this the LARGE portion, then obviously, the portion must NOT look correct and a competent bartender should have realized there was something WRONG......Also, get your complaint avenues fixed and phones addressed.

As I stated, I am in the Sanford store nearly 3 plus days EVERY week !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Seared Peppered Ahi Appetizer.

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Being a bartender in the past - I was not responsible to answer questions regarding the food being served. (just the drinks)I am sorry you went thru so much to file a complaint. Did you call the manager 1st ?

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