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What's your location in Clifton Virginia. My wife my daughter and myself ordered a steak.

the steaks had a awful smell. made my littile girl throw up. its was so bad that meat was like dissolving in my hand. Ask to speak to a manager when he came to table.

i asked him if he could smell the meat. he told me it was the seasoning. my family eats at outback once a week. and i personally I always get the 9 oz steak.

this happen 9/27/17 around 9pm.

they recooked three more steaks and those also came out with the bad odor. please give me call if needed 703586****

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Steak.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had lunch at the NJ Rt 23 location last week. The burger with cheese ordered rare came beyond well done.

The FF were so hard that after eating two I did not bother with the rest.

The wait person was pleasant but she charged me for a drink other than what I ordered. Needless to say the experience was not one to be repeated.


Same thing happened to me in Long Beach California. They also said it was the seasoning.

The meat literally was mush. Yuck!


Next time you should try going to McDonald's. It would cost you alot less money and you would get much better quality food than that.




your girl threw up because of you.


No because Burger King is better judge mental idiot


Judgmental is one word. I suggest that you learn that before calling someone an idiot.




You have no right to call someone an idiot when you cannot spell or use proper grammar.


It's so clear you're the one from the review. It sounds and looks like if anybody is a idiot and loser it is customers like you that are just looking to start something with these employees and managers that is able to be fix issues with your food.

I am thinking that your review and claims about what happened to you are fake You've got nothing better to with your life. Seek Help!


Most likely they are not the original reviewer. I don't see how this person is being a "loser" customer.

They are not being rude. They are just looking for a friendly reply.




Boo-Hoo. You poor child.

You're thinking name calling hurts others for calling you and confronting you for the way you're acting.

Nobody gives a damn about you if you're going going to act like this. There is a reason why you're called, "Entitled Customers."




Cry-Baby. You're just mad and angry as a customer you're not able to get what you want as a customer if it does not go your way.

You're not helping anybody being a jerk. Nobody wants to serve a jerk.


Agreed. This reviewer is the perfect example of a entitled customer trying to start something with the employees or managers and trying to get something for free. It's so bad and sad to see any employee or manager go through this.


Right on. You're 100 percent accurate about that!


There are entitled customers on here. But he is not one of them.

If you read the reviews of the entitled customers some of them want their meal replaced. I have no issue with this as long as they return the meal. Some people are over entitled and not only want their entire meal replaced, but gift cards as well. Then there is that registered nurse, the queen of entitlement.

It does not look like they were abusing the employee or manager. Of course they could not be telling the truth. But you are right there are entitled brats that want employees fired for doing their job and they need to take a chill pill.

If you think this is entitled read some of the other review. He will look like a saint compared to them.


Agree... went to Outback with wife, ordered the 9 oz sirloin tasted like a seasoned piece of leather with grissle throughout..

lacked any meat taste whatsoever! I’m done with Outback.. didn’t complain to the manager, for what??

Another one ?? Waited long enough for the first one!


I never eat there because of the junk they put on food .

I've been there once, and it was awful .

Of course, I very rarely eat at restaurants because I have the inside skinny on what really goes on in these places from several former food service workers.

Do yourself a favor : learn to cook. It is cheaper, better, healthier, and cleaner .

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