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What's your location in Clifton Virginia. My wife my daughter and myself ordered a steak.

the steaks had a awful smell. made my littile girl throw up. its was so bad that meat was like dissolving in my hand. Ask to speak to a manager when he came to table.

i asked him if he could smell the meat. he told me it was the seasoning. my family eats at outback once a week. and i personally I always get the 9 oz steak.

this happen 9/27/17 around 9pm.

they recooked three more steaks and those also came out with the bad odor. please give me call if needed 7035860399

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Steak.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Next time you should try going to McDonald's. It would cost you alot less money and you would get much better quality food than that.


your girl threw up because of you.


No because Burger King is better judge mental idiot


Judgmental is one word. I suggest that you learn that before calling someone an idiot.


You have no right to call someone an idiot when you cannot spell or use proper grammar.




Agree... went to Outback with wife, ordered the 9 oz sirloin tasted like a seasoned piece of leather with grissle throughout..

lacked any meat taste whatsoever! I’m done with Outback.. didn’t complain to the manager, for what??

Another one ?? Waited long enough for the first one!


I never eat there because of the junk they put on food .

I've been there once, and it was awful .

Of course, I very rarely eat at restaurants because I have the inside skinny on what really goes on in these places from several former food service workers.

Do yourself a favor : learn to cook. It is cheaper, better, healthier, and cleaner .


You’re right, I have a nice grill , can buy fresh meat and sides and have cleaner and healthier food !


Horrible, went to outback steakhouse. not only did the food suck but the *** of a waiter spit in my salad.

I asked for fra diavolo and not only wasn't it good the first time, I demanded it to be sent back. Then he came back with an attitude and told him I was ruining his style, I was like, "wait wut?" So I told him I need the fra diavolo cooked well like I wanted. Proceeded to come back with the fra diavolo and it wasn't to my liking. Demanded for him to be sent back then order a salad instead.

That is when he spit in my salad because of my demands.


fra diavolo isn't the fra diavolo. When you order fra diavolo you insist that needs to taste like the fra diavolo.

@Mason Borwick

Maybe if you didn't" insist" on everything your salad wouldn't have been spit into. The cooking wasn't your waiters fault.


You don't spit in anyone's food no matter what the circumstances are. Gutter trash entitled brat!


in some states food tampering is a FELONY


Well Mason is also acting like a brat.


It's funny in the movies but that's where it belongs.


Stupid , the spitting was and yes the food is nasty


It is not that he wanted everything on his salad. It is his rude demanding behavior that got his salad spit in. He got what was coming to him.