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Filled out the "get on the list" form online. Completed the occasion box on the form advising we were celebrating my birthday.

We arrive at the restaurant around 3pm on August 24, 2018 and the parking lot is quite empty.

I know we went at an off time, so service and the food should have been great. Not! We walk in the place and the entry way smells like urine and we then encounter the hostesses and let them know we completed the "get on the list" form and we were there for my birthday. After several minutes they pull up my form and figure out how to get from behind the hostess stand.

Not once did they say Happy Birthday or say thank you for choosing Outback for your birthday. We get seated and a young man comes over for our drink order. Before, I forget, the place was empty, maybe 20 people there. He brings our drinks and he disappears.

He comes back later and takes our orders, Steak and Lobster Special, and a 10 ounce Rib Eye dinner, steaks ordered medium and again disappears. My friend and I are like I hope he at least comes back with some bread or something as we had been waiting awhile. Another server brings us our salads, and later another server brings us our entrees. I asked her what happened to our waiter?

The steaks were rare and had to be sent back, mine came back flat but at least not mooing. My friends $21.00 rib eye was nothing but gristle and not edible. Our server finally shows up when my friend tells him about her steak. He then schools her on this is what a rib eye is.

I guess he confused marbling with gristle. While all of this is going on our dirty salad plates just sat the no offer to get them out of our way and by the way no mention of my birthday. The manager comes out and asks my friend if she would like something else, never gave his name and wasn't wearing a name tag. She of course said no but would take the steak with her maybe someone would eat it after-all she paid for it.

Our Server comes back and my friend told him she would her meal with her. He goes and gets a to go box and just sets it on the table and yes folks the dirty salad plates are still there. Over it we ask for our check and are getting ready to leave when the server finally mentions something about my birthday and something about a desert. I said are you kidding me right now?

That would be a NO and this whole experience from the service to the food was horrible. Come on folks you are a steakhouse and cannot cook steak to order? Never again would we go to Outback, this was not my first bad experience with this chain.

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!!! Way over priced for the quality of food and the portions you get.

Reason of review: Poor food quality , bad service, and overall very poor experience.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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