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Where do I start. The order in question is a order to fix a previous order, so you would think the problem would be fixed since management stepped in.

However, it made matters worse & insured I will never order salmon from this location in Oxon Hill. The 1st order that went south was for 2 10 oz salmon entrees, 1 w/sauteed mushrooms & 1 w/mixed veggies. I specified that I was using a comp with this order because I was given 2 7 oz on my last order(not at this location) so please give the correct wgt allowing for water loss I know should be at least 9+ oz. What I got was 1 less than 6 oz overcooked salmon w/burnt edges(I have pics to prove on a scale), no veggies, the mushrooms looked boiled or steamed wbroth or wet liquid also took pics.

1 of the 2 bloomin onions had too many onion skins and the other had a huge clump of white uncoated onion in the middle. On the plus side my husbands porter house was perfect & good weight, so when I called I was not willing to have him drive back that day to ruin his hot meal too. So I agreed we both would return the next day w/camera in hand to show all. I called, let the manager know we were on our way.This order went south again when she bought the order out & I could tell by the wgt of the box both were under 6 oz & even more over cooked almost burnt.

When I questioned the manager she said the salmon comes pre-packaged which tells me you are going to be ripped off no matter was size salmon you order here. I have had it corrected right at the lottsford location before w/right wgt & cooked just right, which is why decided to try again. To make matters worse, this manager said she would give me another 7 oz & brought out another burnt salmon you could clearly see was just as small as the 2 that were claimed to be 10 oz.. How insulting is that!

Also the sauteed mushrooms was not a serving & did not even cover the bottom of the container but at this point I was done & saw no further point since the manager just kept saying I'm trying. I am sorry to say this location not only rips you off but completely overcooks the salmon to death which is a crime!

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Do not overcook food, sell or offer what is not true to weight.

Outback Steakhouse Cons: Repeat overcooked under weight food.

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I loved your review. I believe outback doesn't care about its customers anymore.

A lot of people are on a fixed income and allow a certain amount of money to spend on eating out. So when we choose to eat out I expect my meal to be the best it can be.

Outback is off the list of restaurants that we will eat at again. Outback you need to understand where your customers are coming from.