When I ordered a 6 oz. filet, medium, @ $21.95 (or close), I expected exactly what I had paid for.

What arrived at my table, however, was a 4 oz, 1/2" thick, dry and overcooked, low-to-medium grade piece of meat. The service was excellent, the staff was friendly, and my wife's order of lobster tails was satisfactory. But the steak was a disgrace, not only to the Outback, but to the beef industry, and entire state of Texas as well.

You should be ashamed to put such a meal before a customer. This is the second time this has happened, so I'm history at the Outback.

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i love when people complain about the same thing. so this was the second time this happend. please order something different you obviously dont like the 6oz steak!


6oz steak? thats like a steak nugget, and its 6oz before cooking, after the water cooks out and the fat melts off your lucky to get 3oz left. i would say you got what you ordered.

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