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The husband and I thought we'd go out for a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse in Medford Oregon. What a mistake.

We were seated about 5-10 minutes before another family walked in and somehow they were served their food before we did! Our waitress never came over to let us know that our order was coming. We sat for 45 minutes before we told the manager we're leaving! We offer to pay for our appetizers but was told not to.

We will never spend our money where we're not welcome.

My husband and I are Black and continue to do our best to stand up for what's right no matter what! Will never frequent Outback Steakhouse in Medford Oregon Again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh yes, let’s pull the race card! Maybe the other party got their food first because they made up their mind before you did and placed their order first.

Maybe the specific entree you ordered takes longer to prepare. Oh wait. No, it HAD to be because you’re black! Yep that’s why!

How DARE the restaurant not hold up the entire kitchen and leave others’ meals getting cold in the line so you can be served FIRST!

True travesty indeed. Call the Rev Sharpton!

to Anonymous #1399709

Actually......My husband and I were seated and had our order placed before the other party did! I will not waist my time with someone like You! Good luck trying to defend people like you!


You are a racist


You should be embarrassed to write such a ridiculous complaint.

to Anonymous #1399712

You should be ashamed of yourself and mabey try educating yourself on racism in America!

to Anonymous #1403130

I am well-educated on racism in America, as I have faced blatant racism and discrimination many times, with racial remarks made right to my face, from hate-filled people. What I don't do, unlike yourself, is immediately assume that because someone is a different skin tone than me, that they are automatically racist.

That mentality would make ME the racist because I would be profiling and stereotyping. Think about it, if you are so educated! As far as the other party getting their food first, as has been pointed out, you don't know what they ordered.

Cooking/prep times vary, according to what the dish is. Educate yourself ON THAT TOO, although it should be common sense.

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