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myself and family party of 7 ate there about 8pm on Saturday and the table next to us had a mid size dog under the table and some time it would get up the owner would kiss it and tell it to get down. She would also feed it and then complain about us when we stared at it.

Management was aware of the dog and still did nothing about it.

This dog was not a seeing eye dog or a companion animal, just a house pet. We were trying to eat and the smell of the dog was making my kids and I nauseous.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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I would rather sit next to a dog (highly doubt it smelled) than your screaming kids.

Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #598994

My dog is not a seeing eye dog. He is, however, deemed medically necessary.

I can take him anywhere I go, but only take him when I need him. You don't know if someone in that family needs that dog to keep calm or if it detects seizures.

Unfortunately, no establishment can ask for documentation due to HIPPA laws which is how people get away with lying. I do carry documentation with me and have presented it when questioned.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #598976

Your problem is with the government and not Outback.

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