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A long time ago I worked for the Outback for about a year. The Outback was in Mesquite, Tx.

I worked in the bar area. And although I had to buss my own tables and clean them I still had to pay the busboy with my tips. I politely told my head manager that I thought that this was unfair and I was written up. A few weeks later when I told two of my fellow employees that I was ***, they told everyone else and about three weeks later I got fired for something that I never did which was being rude to a customer.

I'm a very polite person and I'm always professional. I worked very hard to do a good job and I was always on time. My regulars liked me. Later on one of my former coworkers who liked me told me that I was fired because the head manager and the second manager in charge hated queers and couldn't stand to be around one.

If you have a *** friend or relative please don't eat at the Outback. Like many restaurant chains they exploit the waiter with a thing called tips shares. Example: Lets say that I sold 700 dollars in food and the tipping rate is 20 percent. Twenty percent of 700 is 140.

So I should have made 140 in tips. However some people especially in Mesquite, Tx would tip ten percent or even lower. So lets say I made 90 dollars in tips. Based on my sales (700) I had to give three percent to the host/hostess busboy and bartender.

Which based on 700 dollars in sales would be 21 dollars. So then I would take home 69 dollars in tips.

How evil! Your company should be sued.

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Manager.

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Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1285934

Whether you bussed your own tables or not, Outback needs servers to tip out the busboys so they don't have to pay their wages themselves. This is the scam that is the restaurant world.

When I waited tables in college, even if I did not order any drinks from the bar, I still had to give the bartender 3% of my tips. Again, by forcing servers to pay the bartender, the restaurant doesn't have to.

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