Juno Beach, Florida
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Your East Knoxville Tn location needs help quickly. The service is consistently horrible and the food is consistently cold.

I think the Health Department would have a field day. We decided to give it one more try. When we went in there were not a great many people. Not packed by any means.

Church had not yet let out. Took the waitress 15 min. to get to the table. Gave our order and began our wait.

Finally the water we ordered showed up and some bread........after that had been exhausted we waited again. 10 plus min. later the waitress came back and mumbled something about more water and bread. Dropped off two full glasses of water and nothing else another 15 min.

went by and my husbands salad arrived. Finished that and we began another wait. Lunch never showed up. Went to pay for the salad was asked to wait while the hostess went to get "Mike" the mgr.

He NEVER SHOWED UP. The hostess apologized and said no chg for the dinner salad and said they were having problems in the kitchen and were understaffed on the floor. It does not matter what time of day or what day of the week. This is the same repetitive excuse.

Another customer heard us complaining and said he waited for over an hour for their order of just salads. When we got there one section was basically emptied. Two lg parties came in and everyone was catering to them Im sure because the tip would have been much larger than for a party of two. You need some serious adjustments at that outback.

We will NEVER go there again and neither will the family. No apologies or acknowledgements for the delays. The waitress saw us get up to leave looked right at us and headed for the larger party and that wasnt her table. We tip a minimum of 25 percent.

You get better service at a fast food restaurant. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw The bathroom needed a good cleaning, the restaurant had only been open for a little over an hour, and what ever they used on the floor is going to leave you open for a huge law suit.

Im 68 yrs old and was slipping and sliding like I was on a dance floor and when I commented the waitress assured me it was not my shoes (tennis shoes) it was their floor............Good thing I grabbed on to something before my foot went flying.

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Salad.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is unacceptable service. Definitely contact Corporate as suggested.


Go to the Outback corporate site at "outback.com" and file a complaint about this location.