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This is going back into late Nov 2017 We ordered some Burgers with some sides, grilled asparagus both were to be well done. The order was still almost $30.- Except they were far from that they were still breathing.

If they had legs they would have been walking ! bloody as can be. Both me & the wife we hungry i JUST TOOK THEM OUT OF THE ROLL THREW THEM ON A PAN FOR A FEW MINUTES, I felt like from Grilled open flame to MC Crap donalds . My wife was disgusted, What am I going to do .

Go back to Edgewater Back To Outback. Another 30 minutes or more, Except I put this on FB and heard from a Managing partner so he said, He also told me he just took over asked me what happened. I explained it to him in detail , He said he was sorry Said it should never had happened, Told me everything he new I wanted to hear but that was it He asked for my address, He also said he would send me out $30- in Gift cards within the next few weeks > we had gone away for the Christmas Holidays , Even after that Jan 2018 now its almost March 2018 What happen ??

slip your mind ? it should be $75- now, interest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Burger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Credit, as promised originally , in form of Food credit !.

Outback Steakhouse Pros: Outback prior.

Outback Steakhouse Cons: Way the new managing partner handled my complaint.

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Ok I'm here from out of town for personal reasons. During my trip I had outback with the family, we had to leave and got the order to go.

When we arrived at or destination we discovered that two plates had mistakes. The night of the incendent I called people were busy? so was I. The information was given to the staff.....

Later I spoke with Derrick he said he would look but didn't know. I said I will worry about it later. The order he repeated for the two plates in question, was the wrong answer with me explaining it five different times so.

This means you are not taking notes just remembered, or you don't know how to place a order properly. I am not here to train just receive the food as I ordered it, if you can't do that let me know before giving money for something we can't eat.


Yes because it’s so unrealistic for you to expect pipeing hot food from a delivery. Put your gimme gimme aside for a moment and think why they would do this.

A delivery consisting of 15-30 mins means no matter how they store it, it’s gonna be warm and not hot. So they undercook the order knowing that you are going to throw your food in an oven or microwave. Thereby over cooking your burger had they delivered as requested. By sending it under done they allow you with just a minute or two in your microwave is going to finish cooking the burger patty to the desired consistency.

So because you had to heat up your burger that you would have done anyways, you think you’re entitled to not just the free food, but the ability to bash them online because you didn’t get the gift card. Typical American mouth breather. Lie and steal all because YOU are ignorant and self entitled. Grow up you didn’t lose any money.

You didn’t lose anything. You are a scammer and that’s all.


You seem like the absolute worst type of person. Please do not ruin restaurants for normal people that aren't begging for handouts.


I don't understand why you would accept a food credit with the very likely possibility of a repeat performance.

Unless of course you ate the first order AND got credit ; that's a neat trick, dinner without paying and not being chased by the manager.