3527 Union Deposit Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17109
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My husband have been going to the Outback on Union Deposit Road in Harrisburg, PA for well over 20 years. Several of the bartenders have been there over 20 years as well.

We always sit at the bar because we enjoy their company as well as the food. Yesterday we found out that our 2 favorite bartenders have quit because the new management took the bar seating away from the bartenders so their paychecks were cut in half. There was absolutely no notice about this change. When they complained they were told that people come to the Outback for the food NOT the bartenders. Well, I can tell you that isn't the case.

We will following our favorites to their new places of employment.

There is also a Heather that bartends at this location. She is a person with a real attitude. Always acts like she has some kind of problem when waiting on us. We found out yesterday that she will be picking up more hours.

That sealed our decision. We will NEVER go back to that store again.

I'm sure that this decision is going to hurt the business at the Union Deposit location. There are a lot of regulars that will probably not be returning.

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Never had a problem at this location. If thats their new policy about eating at the bar then thats the way it is.