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So let me tell you about my experience at Outback in Pensacola Florida on July 16, 2017. My daughter-in-law called the Outback in Pensacola and made reservations on July 14, 2017 for the family, fifteen of us, to celebrate my wife and my 40th wedding anniversary.

On the afternoon of the 16th, she called again to confirm the reservations. I guess it all started when whoever she talked to seemed to forget to mention that they moved across town to a new location. So we all pulled into the old location to find out its closed and moved. Not too much of a problem, we headed across town and let them know we were there and ready to eat.

Now we had a 5PM reservation, but we sat outside until 6:45PM until they said they had a table ready for us. What a waste of time making reservations! So we get to the table and the waitress takes our drink and appetizer orders. Another 20 minutes passed before we got the drinks.

So we waited, expecting to get the appetizers at any time. Instead, there are now two waitresses now taking everyones orders. About 30 minutes later, here come the appetizers, and about 20 more minutes pass and now some of the food is coming with the appetizers! Ill not give you everything that happened, but a good idea of what happened next and why Im so upset.

First my daughter-in-laws steak that was ordered medium well was cold, raw, and bloody. Then my one son-in-laws hamburger came and it was burnt all the way through! Then my other son-in-laws steak came out burnt on both sides and cold and raw in the middle. Then when they brought out my steak and lobster, the camels back was broken.

The lobster was so over cooked it was like rubber and my steak, (I ordered it well done), was burnt on one side and raw on the other, red and bloody in the middle. I had also ordered the sauted mushrooms, but they were nowhere to be found. Plates were sent back. Several of us didnt get to eat anything because we didnt want to wait another hour for another plate full of raw greasy food.

The one manager I guess thought he would make me happy with coupons for free entrees, but this went way beyond that, and what good are they to me because Ill never go to an Outback ever again! Another manager offered us free chocolate sundaes, like that would make everything better. ***, on one of the appetizer plates, even the fries were raw and soaked in grease! It was disgusting!

The entire event was disgusting! I would say that nothing was cooked properly but my wifes broccoli and carrots were done right. Other than that, right down to my 6 year old granddaughters grilled cheese was screwed up! The entire time at Outback was a complete and total failure!

I got to tell you that we went to Outback because my son told me that he always goes to the one in Destin Florida and he said that its always awesome, great food and service. Maybe the people from Pensacola Outback need to go to Destin Outback to learn how to take care of customers, correctly take orders, and maybe even learn how to cook! So Outback in Pensacola Florida was successful in ruining our 40th anniversary dinner, and we ended up in a Wendys having a hamburger!

Thank you so very much! Ira Jake Jakob USAF (Ret) 100% Disabled, Not Ready To Quit!

Review about: Outback Steakhouse Steak.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Server was ok.

I didn't like: Managers attitude, Poor customer service, Food quality.

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Haven't heard anything from outback... that just tells me they just don't care.. be smart and stay away from pensacola outcrap.

to Ira.j.jakob #1370405

You were offered food and coupons. What is that you want Outback to do at this point?

to Anonymous #1380380

Managers need to be fired. Bring in someone that can train properly.

to Ijakob #1403137

You are wanting the managers lose their jobs? Ever hear of karma? When you wish evil upon someone, it comes back on you threefold.

to Anonymous #1392390

Just curious...

If you took your car into a place for a simple oil change and when you went to pick it up, the inside was trashed, the paint is scratched, a tire is flat, and your gas tank was full when you dropped the car off but it is now empty. If the owner of the place came to you and said "I'm sorry" and gave you coupons to come back, would you really go back to that place??

If you say "Yes" then I would highly recommend that you seek help... lots of it!

to Ira.J.Jakob #1403146

Your comparison is absurd. Outback didn't cause any physical damage to property you own, that you now have to fix out of pocket.

You had a bad meal and they offered you free food to make up for the bad meal. Your comparing bad food to a company causing physical damage to your property makes no sense.


I got a call from the manager at outback wanting me to take coupons and telling me to try the outback in Destin. I declined.

I have not heard anything else from outback since, even after sending a copy of this review to their corporate offices. All it tells me is outback only cares about the money and not the quality of food or the customers...

Mary Esther, Florida, United States #1351268

I wouldn't recommend Outback to a starving roach!

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