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Have ordered the chicken quesadias before and they were good. Ordered them tonight on a take out order and they were nothing but bread. There were quite a few of them but each one only had one to two pieces of little chunks of chicken on each piece at the bottom, nothing but bread and cheese from the middle of each piece to the top. They were not worth the price this order. Hopefully will remember and will not order them again. The rest of this...
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The quesadillas were almost burnt on one side and the chicken tasted charred. Found something in my quesadilla which the kitchen said was a thick piece of skin off the bacon. The only skin on bacon I am aware of is the kind that is outside and rolling in mud. Very disappointed as we have been eating here for close to 20 years and probably have paid for enough food to have covered their entire interior remodel. Fast turnover of staff unlike...
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I liked
  • Greeting
I didn't like
  • Turnover of staff
  • Food and service
  • Waiters lack of any personality or even words
On Saturday eve, my husband and I decided to use our gift card at your Bethel rd location.We chose to sit at the bar and immediately I noticed a stench, like a fermenting/vinegar smell. It came in waves but from the bar. It was bad, not bad enough to then wait in line to be seated elsewhere. I ordered the alice springs quesadila. It was warm at best, flat and overcooked with the nearly burnt sides. I was reluctant to complain for fear of...
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I didn't like
  • Food
  • Ruined evening
  • Odor

Outback Steakhouse Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla Review

Me and my family went to outback at bay plaza mall in the bronx on July 30th, 2016. First of all, the employees did not have a nice and desent look. The bread was old and cold, the order (two quesadillas, soup, and mac and cheese) took for ever to come. When the food arrived was cold and re-cooked. This place has the worst service of all the outback.