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Last night at Qutback I ordered the 1/2 lb. *** legs with the 5 oz steak and my side was a backed potato. The crabs were over cooked, the potato was a reheated potato which was also over cooked and only warm. The steak was cooked perfectly to med rare, but was very tough and had a large amount grizzly. You have the best burgers so I will still visit your business but it will be a lng time before I order another steak and backed potato..and...
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I didn't like
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My family and I visited the West Monroe La location because we USED to love the service. The last few times has been HORRIBLE!!!! My husband always orders a baked sweet potatoe and they have gotten so small and nasty. Our blooming onion was extremely small and burnt. The manager on duty came to our table and asked my husband what was wrong with his sweet potatoes and he told her it tasted wierd. She was EXTREMELY RUDE. I WORK WITH THE PUBLIC...
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This the worst place I have been to in a long time, service just ok, managment sucks, 1st of all my granddaughter and I waited so lond for just burgers, we ordered backed potatoes, they came back and said they were out of potatoes, so we ordered something else, guess what our backed potatoes came, I said I thought u were out of patotes. She said that they just weren't done, well she was right they were hard, not cooked, but when I finally got...
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Outback Steakhouse Baked Potato Review

Outback key west fl serving day old cold baked potatoes to my mom and two other customers around me that complained. What a disappointment and can't cut steak with knives what happened?
Got there nice and early, no wait. Must have interrupted summer camp for junior wait staff. We arrived, got seated, no silverware on table. Had to ask after appetizers were delivered. Daughter ordered Sprite, waiter filled up with water. Ordered baked potato, never showed up. Out waiter Tony couldn't find his *** with both hands. Kept fawning over a table full of foreigners, sat down with them to get there order, stayed about 10 minutes....
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