Chelsea, Alabama

I received a Outback Steakhouse gift card from my newphew for my birthday.The package the card came in said the card was good for $25 to $500 dollars.

I invited five friends to go out for a steak dinner thinking the card was good for 500 dollars. Luckly only one friend excepted the offer. It was embarrassing to find out the card was only for $25 dollars.

The amount the gift card is good for should be listed on the packing somewhere so the person receiving the card knows what it is worth.The food was great and the service was very good.

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Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States #952117

To start with most gift cards are marked like this and if you ever purchased a gift card you would know that.

I also wonder why your nephew would give you a 500 card unless he had just won the lottery.common sense or just lookin to complain?

Chelsea, Alabama, United States #950778

I'm the one who made the complaint about the amount not being posted on the gift card packaging at the time of purchase.I had done something for my newphew where he might have given me a five hundred dollar card.

It was the first time I had received a gift card.

I still think the amount should be posted on the card when it is purchased.Don't worry, if I ever get another gift card like the Outback card I'll find out the value.


There is a number on the back of these cards. When you call, they tell you the amount on the card. Next time call.


There is a white square on the back of the card where the giver is supposed to write the value of the card according to how much they loaded on it. This is not the fault of the company. Sounds like bad genes to me.

to Anonymous #950274

Totally agree with you. The other way is to check the balance on the card

to Anonymous Youngsville, North Carolina, United States #950537

"Bad genes" - well put (and gave me a good laugh)


You are very dumb.Have you ever seen a gift card in your life?

What did you think the concept behind the GC was? That your nephew could pay $25 for a gc that is worth $500?

You're the most air headed person to ever post a complaint.What did you buy your nephew to think he'd spend $500 on you?


In order for the card to be worth $500.00 your nephew would have had to spend $500.00 to purchase the card.Common sense would have told you that it wasn't worth that much.

That amount on the package means that the person buying it could put $25.00 to $500.00 on the card, depending on how much they wanted to spend. Did you honestly think your nephew would send you a $500.00 gift?

Maybe you should talk to your nephew about his matter, by rights he should have wrote the amount the gift card was for on the packaging.You are actually blaming the wrong people for your misconception, when you should make the suggestion to your nephew.

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