We went to outback to celebrate our daughters birthday with our granddaughter who is 4 tonight. We got there at 4:45 there were 8 people in the restaurant.

10 minutes later the waiter took our drink order and we ordered our granddaughters Mac and cheese so she wouldn't have to wait. Drinks finally came we ordered our dinner asked for bread it never came, it took 15 minutes to get our salad it was all lettuce with 2 croutons, and 2 tomatoes. her Mac and cheese came cold and stuck together 20 min later.

Our food finally came we ordered her ice cream it took 15 minutes I had to ask twice where it was it came melets it was like soup couldn't even eat it! This was so disappointing that we celebrated a birthday here and it was just awful.

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Maybe you should only eat at Burger King from now on if waiting 15-20 minutes for food is so unreasonable to you... Especially at a STEAKHOUSE, as steaks require more time to cook than many other foods. And nice try with the fake ice cream pic -- next time remove the spoon so it is not obvious that it had already been eaten from and was sitting at the table until it melted.

Cheektowaga, New York, United States #1024916

Restaurant service will vary wherever you go. My last experience at Outback Steakhouse in Tonawanda, NY was fantastic.

There was a group of 10 of us, and we went after my son's high school graduation. We arrived at Outback at 9:45 pm. Our waiter arrived right away and took our drink orders. I asked him if he could split the bill into 3, and he said that was no problem.

Our drinks arrived and we ordered our appetizers and our meals. Our waiter kept our drinks filled and bread on the table. The 2nd round of drinks he brought, he mixed up the drink inside one of the tall glasses and the child cup (lol), but fixed it right away. Our dinner seemed to be taking a while and the restaurant was not busy at all.

A little more time passed and our waiter came back to the table and informed us that they were low on staff and that the manager was in the kitchen helping with the entrees to get them finished. About 10 minutes later the manager came over and apologized for the wait and explained that the restaurant was pretty empty right before we arrived and so he sent half the staff home since they close at 10 pm, (remember we arrived at 9:45 pm!) He said that he was helping with the cooking and the food would be out shortly. Overall, we waited about 40-45 minutes for our dinners. The food did arrive a little while later, we enjoyed the terrific food, requested take home containers and then some of my party ordered dessert.

Before the desserts arrived, the manager came back over and told us that normally he would offer his patrons gift cards towards another visit for a wait as long as ours, but instead, he was going to take half the cost off of our bill. Essentially it was our fault because we never noticed the restaurant was closing 15 minutes after we arrived. None the less, the manager took half off of our bill. Our service and food were both exceptional!!

It was a fantastic experience, even the waiting was filled with conversation, bread, and blooming onions (lol), so it really wasn't something that was an irritation.

Different restaurants seem to have different levels of accepted customer service. I would absolutely recommend this Outback Steakhouse restaurant to anyone to likes great food and great customer service!

to Sara #1035347

Why go 15 minutes before closing.

to KevinRichards Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1071946

Lol- I was going to ask the same question. 10 of you show up right when a restaurant is closing? That's pretty rude.

to KevinRichards #1152453

***, they just said they didnt realize it closed at 10.

to Anonymous #1152775

Common sense dictates they should have checked on that before going there. Failing that, the hours are posted on the door.

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