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I wouldn’t want to eat at Outback anymore after finding out how they treat their employees. Firing someome because she posted in FB for not getting tips.

That’s why this company is going down. You treat your employees great and they will do the same to your company.

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Whoa- who made up things likeServers don’t have education? Are you that ignorant ?I’m a server and I have an educationHoly ***


This is still USA you don't have to tip. The waitress was wrong.

Grow up.

It was take out

Do outback a favor, go to McDonalds

Throw a temper tantrum, because you don't get a tip.

Improve yourself get an education.

That waitress should be a janitor and be thankful for what you have

to Yo yo #1437734

It’s usually the people that complain the most who don’t tip at all.

to Yo yo #1437737

Oh and I wouldn’t tell someone to “grow up”People who serve are working very hard.The most disgusting part about it is why would you go to a restaurant knowing that those kids work for tips?Second of all in what sick world do you live in where you go demand things from someone who is WILLING to do something for you and you aren’t willing to do something for them?- selfish-ignorant- I could keep goingAt the end of the day, you’re screwing people over. And if you want to live your life like that well I hopeYou’ll have a change of heart. You’re not the only one that works hard for money.It’s like talking to a childTreat others they way you want to be treated.Have a good day.

to Lillian #1437738

And when I say willingI meanServers have the RIGHT to deny service so think about that the next time you want to be a jerk.

to Yo yo #1448362

Um excuse you. There are people working their tails off to pay for an education.

That means until they get through with it, they have to work at places like outback and other restaurants. They are tip based.

They pay a percentage of ALL sales to the hosts/bar/bussers. If they don't get tipped, that's out of pocket.

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