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I have been an Outback customer since the very beginning. I understand that the economy is also not what it used to be and cost have sky rocketed. I am in business for myself and in my industry everything is the race to zero ( who can sell it the cheapest). Personally I am not cheap and dont mind paying more for better quality.

I have been to the Mentor Ohio several times and each time I am disgusted at the mediocrity there and at other restaurants in the city. Is it the demographic that causes this. I am however a bit picky because I am a former Chef. On the other hand I have seen the OUTBACK make changes that have been really bad maybe not for your margin but for what you get at your establishment. The salad from quality to chopped NASTY salad. Now granted they made it for me the old way and it was great!

I typically order the outback rack and it is always good or the Sirloin it is also usually good. My favorite was the Rock Hampton Rib Eye or the Melbourne.

The last two times I visited I had each and have never been so dissatisfied with a Steak in my life. It was to be compared to what I would expect to Dennys!!!

The worst ever as I will explain. THINNER THAN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE CALLED A STEAK. Price went up, ok I dont mind paying more to get a good steak for dinner.

For $23.95 I should have gone to Flemmings or even Dennys! This evening was a real letdown and I know that business looks good there but I will not be returning until I hear people ranting about the outback. I really wanted to have prime Rib but at 8 pm they were out ok difficult to forecast sales I understand a little. I once again spent $75.00 for dinner with my wife and a childs meal No WINE,Beer or Drinks.

A bit high for a thin * ½ inch to be precise Grizzley porterhouse steak I would say!

I wish you corporate guys would see this but I am sure it will just be automatically sent to the Proprietor who is very friendly and I am sure busy.

Not enough for someone who likes to go to a Steakhouse. The Waitress did a great job this had nothing to do with service.


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Going to outback is like taking the train to barfville. Seriously, it's the stupidest resturant ever. :upset


Going to outback is like taking the train to barfville. Seriously, it's the stupidest resturant ever. :upset



BRING IT! WHAT KIND OF RESPONSE IS THAT? DO YOU WORK AT THE OUTBACK??? Go to the LONGHORN IT WILL KICK THE *** OUT OF THE OUTBACK!!!!!!Ate there the other night it was AMAZING!!I simply posted how bad the steak was and you reply to my posting "if you THINK u Know much about steak??

Yiou are a complete ***! Enjoy the steak at the outback get you some JOCKEY marks!


If you think you know so much about steaks then why arent you still supposedly a chef crybaby???? :cry :cry :cry

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