Aug. 15, 2014, with a party of 5. It took us forever to get our food, then when

we got our order part of it was cold. The kids steak and cheese fries was sent

back. They brought it back and the steak was bad with a bad taste and smell. The steak was so seasoned I know they were trying to cover up the taste and the smell! But that did not work!!

They offered him something else but his appetite was ruined. They did remove

the amount from the current bill, but I feel that everyone's at the table should

have their bill taken care of because it ruined everyone's evening and meal. This happened to us last year too! Who thought it would happen two years in a row same place and same food! It made us loose our appetite it was just nasty! We were very upset!!!

Monetary Loss: $46.

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You really thought everyone's meal should be free when a $5 kids meal was wrong? Sure, your $5 kids meal was cold so let's give out free $20 steaks to the rest of them. Haha no.


Why should everyone's meal be free when only one meal was unsatisfactory? That makes no sense. If the rest of your party ate their meals, they should pay for them.


Everyone knows that Outback seasons their steak. Your expectation that everyone should get free food is beyond inappropriate. Get a job.

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