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I went to set down in the open bar. which is first come first sitting.A man sat at the same table and started curseing atme the waiter come over an said," first come".

The customer started calling me white trash, and for me to let him have the table. I got up because he was causing a scene still calling me white trash. i said something to the manager and she asked me what do you want me to do.

I have been going there for twenty years and this really hurt my feelings. The manager should of said something about his name calling to another customer how Outback does not find this accepable behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Waiter.

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That is what I was going to reply, Mike Brady something like the lines of what do you want the manager to do, give him a time out, a spanking ect. Also I doubt this man just harassed her for no reason.

I am sure she was just as rude therefore she should be kicked out as well.


If you cannot solve your own problems get mommy to fight your battles. The manager is not a kindergarten teacher and does not need to interfere.

How does he know that you are even telling the truth and he is not your ex or something? It hurt your feelings, well sorry for that, however the manager has no proof that he called you white trash.


The guy should have been kicked out. That is uncalled for.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #744329

Really? You expect a mangager to solve an issue between two adults?

So the guy came over, sat down, and immediately started cursing at you? With no provocation? What did you expect the manager to do?

Give the guy a time out? Make him sit in the corner?

to MikeBrady Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #745552

We both were guest, he should have been asked to leave, for causing a scene. There was no way of calmimg this guy down exept to give him the table, which i did.

to MikeBrady Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #769429

Mike Brady, you do not have anything nice to say about anyone complaining. you must work for Outback

to mike Brady hate club #769444

Now that's nottrue. Just yesterday I told Bobby he was a great drum player even though it was awful. I tdl Marsha she would be the prettiest girl at the prom and told Alice she gives the best h e a d.

to MikeBrady Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #769917

I see you do have a sense of humor

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