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my kids and i were seated first right next to the bar which was loud and crowded and waited for half an hour for service,servers passing by but no service,got up and went to the desk to the guy who seated us and said i wanted a different table and nobody had waited on us,all he repeated was"oh nobody",he was absolutely useless,seated us at another table still no service,got up and left the restaurant hungry !!!spoke to the manager who also did'nt show much concern said "oh sorry did you want to come back in"Why would i want to spend money on bad service and people who don't care?!!!!!!,very very disappointed from a chain like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Manager.

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my kids were also hungery and krakny and I hit them because I was mad at servise.


Yes very true you are of helped thanks by saying all of this it happend to me to thanks for posting this it's a mess in therethanks

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