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7:15 pm My spouse and I are traveling and stopped at Outback in Gonzales for a relaxing good meal. The wait time was 30 min.

not a problem except so many tables were empty to the left of entrance, the whole wait time and no one cleared these tables. The waiter was very courteous and we started our relaxing time. 1. we were brought the salad with the wrong dressing (no complaint) 2.after 45 min the waiter comes and apologizes that our food was given to the people behind us, the people turned around and said they knew their food wasn't right but they didn't complain.

3. a lady came and said no charge and our food would be right out. (ok) 4. we had food brought to our table and it wasn't right but wasn't going to complain, but the waiter come up and said Nooooo that's not yours, TOOK OUR FOOD AND GAVE TO THE PEOPLE BEHIND US, THE SAME PEOPLE THAT HAD GOT OURS ORIGINALLY.

(Complaint) We now have watched these people that came in after us get served 2 (two) meals and we still have no food. we are then given a receipt for $6.51 for the Sangria that is now warm because I was waiting on my meal to drink. after a few min. we received another receipt with -0-.

Notice I said received, ( placed down hard on our table w/o an explanation or anything.) My husband is now wanting to leave and I said let me ask how much longer, I get up and step to the area the waitress's place the orders and asked a gentleman how much longer would it be and he lowered his head and gave a very sarcastic smile and as he walked away he said as he snickered he would check. (THIS INFURIATED ME) I have never been treated with such disrespect in my life. The waiter did come by and apologize and I explained I was not blaming him but I would not tolerate the Manager or whatever he is, this person has walked all around the area meeting and greeting other guests w/o one word to us. After approx.

5 min the person with the Sarcastic Smile came out and pushed the bag at me and said I AM PAID TO SMILE. I said you are so rude and he started to argue and I said ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO BE ARGUMENTATIVE WITH ME? again he lowered his head and said no and walked off. Not one time did this person apologize.


Product or Service Mentioned: Outback Steakhouse Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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It would be a cold day in *** before I would go back to that restaurant. Take your business elsewhere, they don't deserve to have any customers.

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