I've never seen lazier people in my life! Not to mention rude!

I know a former employee at this location and after the terrible service I received, talking to this friend, now I know why! The "proprietor" as she calls herself is lazy and controlling, does not treat guests very kindly! Or she pretends anyways! The rest of the staff was rude and vulgar!

The food was decent thank goodness, but being waited on by someone who has no knowledge of the menu, or even the desire to learn it is not what I call a good employee! I think corporate needs to re-think a few things about this location before it ends up closing it's doors for good!

I will definitely NOT be going back!! EVER!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #811019

In general - Outback has slipped in service and food quality......I was a regular for years - and would seek them out to dine....after two repeat bad experiences this last year......no more. I was not surprised to read the negative comments


I can't rate your complaint as helpful because you failed to provide any details that support your claims that everyone at this place sucks and is rude and lazy.

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